Sierra, Lee, and Porter Strangfeld with a photo of Samuel
Photo by Kelly Grace Photography

Remembering Samuel Lee

During the second trimester of Sierra and Lee Strangfeld’s pregnancy, they were given the terrible news that their baby boy had been diagnosed with Trisomy 18, also known as Edward’s Syndrome. “Incompatible with life.” After the diagnosis, they found several markings of T18: He was measuring 2, almost 3 weeks smaller, and at this point in pregnancy, that is rare. His hands were clenched and his feet were clubbed. His head was small. His umbilical cord only had 2 vessels instead of three. And his heart could possibly have holes in it. Their baby was now part of the statistic, 1 in 5000.

Samuel Lee Strangfeld was born 9/5/19 at 5:54pm. He was a strong 1lb 7.8oz, and 12.5 inches long. Sierra and Lee had three amazing hours with him in their arms. He opened his eyes to Jesus at 9:11pm that evening.

To keep Samuel’s legacy alive, Sierra and Lee decided to spread awareness of Trisomy 18. Sharing their story means the world to them so that they may help those facing the same hardships and challenges.

Smiling for Samuel is a non-profit organization helping and supporting families who suffer infant and child loss and also parents going through the journey of Trisomy 18.

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