What Society Should Know

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com
With October being PAIL awareness month, we talked to a group of bereaved parents, and asked them what they wish society knew about their loss. Here are some responses:

“It can happen at anytime in a pregnancy. I don’t talk about my baby for sympathy, I talk about her because she is as real as any living child. It changes you forever.”

“The Choice to carry a terminal pregnancy to term isn’t a bad thing….. it’s hoping for the 1% to be you.”

“I feel that people forget about us, and expect us to get over it. I feel that we don’t get the recognition that we deserve. People don’t understand that we have triggers. I just wish people were more mindful and cared about us.”

“When the loss happens at a young age everyone thinks it’s ok to say “You’re young; you have plenty of time to have other children.” I wanted that baby. Or that a year later, “You shouldn’t be grieving anymore because it’s been a year; After a year you should just forget about it and keep going with your life.”

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