Smiling for Samuel’s 3/18 Fundraiser! Pals!

Let’s Be Mismatched Together!

Smiling for Samuel wants you to know World Trisomy 18 day is on March 18th! We represent those with Trisomy 18. Trisomy 18 is when an extra chromosome is present in DNA, making those with it, extra awesome!

Pals is the perfect fundraiser for our organization because their message reminds us we don’t have to match to be friends!

For every pair of socks or booties you purchase, Smiling for Samuel receives $5. 
For every sox box or face mask bundle you purchase, Smiling for Samuel receives $10!

All orders will be shipped at the end of the campaign, between 3/20-3/26.
You will receive an email from Pals Socks when your order is shipped.

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