“I Knew You In The Womb” Project Announced

We are SO excited to announce our BIGGEST Smiling for Samuel project yet!

“I Knew You In The Womb” also known as our Pregnancy and Infant Loss Project

An angel weeps over an empty cradle, offering a memorial for any unborn children making it a very powerful monument to the unborn.

Did you know, around 80% of pregnancy losses occur during the first trimester, which is between 0 and 13 weeks. This means, most parents never get to meet their babies, or have closure of a proper resting place.

One of our biggest goals is to bring comfort and closure to those who have lost their babies too soon.

Once fundraising is complete, this sculpture will be placed in a shaded, private area in the Neillsville Cemetery, so parents can visit and find comfort by perhaps leaving flowers in the empty cradle.

We are hoping to break ground in 2022! We cannot wait to start and share our fun, fundraising ideas with you all! Thank you all for believing in our little organization. ❤️

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